Note, this is currently filled with nothing but depressing text posts for now, it will eventually get better so I apologize ahead of time.
I mainly just post random things involving art, sketches and w.i.p.s ;v;

(well that or random posts of ranting, nothing more than that honestly)

Also if anyone cares to see it, my DA:

My name is pronounced as cris-tuh-me btw :3 <3


I need help with ideas D:

If anyone can help that would be great, I need to keep my mind off things and have nothing to do now.

I am not sure where to go with drawing (should I try seeing if I can get commissions and what not? idk)

That as well as I finally managed to buy a bit of clay (though I need to mix it with other clay for better work, I also don’t have paints or glaze or paintbrushes…)

*sigh* I wish I could sell sculptures too but I might just give em away one I make things like I did last time…

I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore…..I’m tired of going crazy, I’m such a horrible person who doesn’t deserve to be in one, can’t control my emotions, I deserve nothing….I’m tired of being called an evil bitch from my bf….

I officially hate where I live… by shooting down the street almost near where I thought that was about to happen to me a month earlier, heck we heard it last night, seen nothing but cops there all day and the coroner or whatever….freaked out to much to leave house….

Help with ideas and such?

I dunnno what to do ;_;

I finished everything I was working on, I mean I have an IDEA for something Resident Evil related but nothing else besides that v_v

Can I get help with ideas possibly? Mainly want Cry related ideas, or RE, or idk?

Would anyone be interested in me streaming later T_T?

I wanted to do like a “toxic cry” cause I think in general it looks awesome and enjoyable as heck to doodle, I might just do things themed around this, then again, idk…things can always change oxo

original is in download link in above thing, quality sucks on here and there except download apparently x_x

reuploaded so I could add doodle thingy. 

Which one is greedy?

Two eating chicken, some ranch, etc. and sharing a plate.
One starts dunking the chicken and hogging the ranch, the other says stop because they can’t get any and the ranch is pretty much gone so they take the plate away.

The one hogging the ranch says the other is being greedy. Calls them a bitch for being mean, etc. keeps saying they are mean and evil.

Toxic sup guy cause I thought it would be awesome, didn&#8217;t expect for it to come out so cute. 8&#8217;D

Toxic sup guy cause I thought it would be awesome, didn’t expect for it to come out so cute. 8’D

I apologize for everything I post, I don’t mean to post things like that, I just kinda lose my mind for a bit I guess, I need to work on that…no matter how hard that is to do. My mind is in a bad place and need to find out how to get out of that, I need to get myself happier, I need to get medication or something, my sis and bf say it is prob. a chemical imbalance in my body that  makes it near impossible for me to not feel so depressive. I don’t know how but, I’m still trying….

I see myself in a pretty bad light right now, one that I can normally not see but now can, how bad it is and how disgusting it is to look at what I write, how people view me in person as well as anything else, it’s terrifying honestly.

I’m so sorry….

Sorry about the stream… sis unplugged the net on me cause I didn’t make her a sandwich… panic attack came back a million times worse….probably one of my worst….I was crying for hours and other things happened…..not proud to say what….

Called me an internet addict who needs to stop acting crazy and crying over it…..

It wasn’t that……

It was the build up of so much……I am in pain and my eyes can’t see the screen so IMA sleep….bf let me use tablet ATM……sorry…