Note, this is currently filled with nothing but depressing text posts for now, it will eventually get better so I apologize ahead of time.
I mainly just post random things involving art, sketches and w.i.p.s ;v;

(well that or random posts of ranting, nothing more than that honestly)

Also if anyone cares to see it, my DA:

My name is pronounced as cris-tuh-me btw :3 <3


I forgot to mention I won that anime store contest~

I get 50$ worth of what they choose as well as 50$ thing to buy what I want with it there, as well as a 20% off anything I buy there for a year.

(oh yeah, and the whole t-shirt thing they plan on selling with my design on one of the two.. I won the color area and someone else won b&w :D )

Had an alright birthday, it started off frustrating, was generally very boring, no cake but..uh, well I got nice gifts?

I got a BRS shirt and wallscroll, two keychains, two very old gundam wing figures and the thing that kinda made me giddy was Tales of Xillia 2 collectors came in, it was so…wow, I an not used to such high quality items and just expected cheap molded items or just cheap materials, I was still super happy to be getting the stuff either way…but like, wow I was expecting the pocket watch replica to be plastic but nope, it is all packaged nicely as well as has no seems to a mold, very detailed, heavy made out of a durable metal. (the ludger figure is beautiful, so much detail from every other figure I’ve ever had ;-;)

Todays my birthday….

Not off to a great start but, what can I really expect :’D

My art style is never interesting, never eye catching, maybe I should just stick to super kawaii junk, big eyeballs and what not…whenever I try anything else it is never liked…so…yep….

I forgot to post this in any tags when when I originally posted it T_T

Anyways, They look a lot different now since these were sketches I crammed into one night doing, same general concepts but almost done with them :D

I’ll delete these once I post the finished ones -v-
(which I hope will be soon because I didn’t realize how much work this actually is, I could post one at a time but I kinda wanna upload them all at once)

This is honestly my favorite series in existence….you have no clue, haha.

So I wanted to try out drawing all the campaign as titlecard thingies since, yep.

Jake and Sherry, their campaign is my favorite.

These are my kitties ;v; The grey one is Squeedly and he likes destruction, I had him first, my husband wants to get rid of him.

The second one is Whiskey, she was gonna get killed the next day if my sister didn’t take her, she is super sweet and for some reason everyone keeps saying she looks like me (lawl nope) My husband likes her cause he isn’t allergic to her since people with allergies can have ragdolls.

Some works in progress, I wish I could just get them done ;-; almost done with general linework for all of them, then color, I guess.

gah, I also need to randomly hide certain peoples in the pics, idk OTL….I’m no good with ideas.

Anonymous asked
Random Dancing Banana!

eAe anything involving bananas…..banana.


                           !!! Even if you can’t commission/donate !!!
                  !!! please reblog to spread the word and help out !!!

Yeah that’s right, it’s a commission post. Not for me, though. For my friend krystame. I’m not gonna get into her situation too much (it can be read about on her blog, but can be triggering {physical/emotional/mental abuse on varying scales} so heads up). She’s still very much at risk for homelessness, even after moving in with her ‘husband’, sister, and sister’s husband. Mental disorder and anxieties keep her from being able to work, and plasma donations can only give so much contribution. So commissions are now available!

                  C O M M I S S I O N   N O T E S

The following list includes, but is not limited to, a variety of styles that you can request. Please be aware that the complexity of the piece (details, how many characters, etc.) can possibly increase the price.

•   Fandom or OCs
•   Sketches
•   Chibis
•   Busts
•   Half and Full Body
•   Multiple characters
•   Backgrounds

                            MORE ART EXAMPLES CAN BE FOUND HERE

                  P R I C E S   A N D   P A Y M E N T

 •  Payment will be through PayPal (preferably but not necessarily needed up front).
         PayPal Email:

 •  Updates on the commission (sketch, line art, coloring, etc.) are available upon request, and if anything needs to be changed or added, feel free to mention it.

 •  Prices are negotiable and solely depends on what you want, how many characters, and the amount of detail going into it. Please have your ideal prices in mind and pricing will be discussed until an agreement is made.

Previous, Krystame’s commissions had base prices that looked like this:

Sketches → 10 USD
Chibis → 25 USD
Busts → 30 USD
Full Body → 50 USD

While she’d prefer those prices, she knows that sometimes people just can’t pay a whole lot for commissions, hence the negotiable prices . (That being said, please don’t be rude and try using negotiation to get an extremely detailed full body shot for the price of a sketch.)

                      C O N T A C T   I N F O

                                   [Tumblr] [Deviantart] [Facebook]

Don’t be afraid to voice any questions or concerns! Also, please have some form of references for your commission at the ready, especially if it’s for an OC.

If you DO NOT want your commission to be uploaded to tumblr, a working email must be provided so you can receive the piece.

Thank you ;v;