Note, this is currently filled with nothing but depressing text posts for now, it will eventually get better so I apologize ahead of time.
I mainly just post random things involving art, sketches and w.i.p.s ;v;

(well that or random posts of ranting, nothing more than that honestly)

Also if anyone cares to see it, my DA:

My name is pronounced as cris-tuh-me btw :3 <3


Crap…..I hate myself…

You know how in anime if someone sees someone attractive and they have a nosebleed?

Yeah….well, that type of reaction happened but without the blood. x.x fricken….wat, what, why…

Someone save me….I just want peace…

How nice, being controlled, all the time, insulted about everything done, putting your responsibilities on someone else and then calling THEM lazy, putting them down, saying they only have a certain amount of seconds or minutes to get something done before they are punished.

Being pelted with insults always, don’t get up to get them a drink? called a bitch or various other things with it, too lazy to even take their own shoes on, heck even right now they are laying on the stairs saying “they are waiting” because I am typing something. “i guess someone is a little too much of one of those things, always thinking about themselves, not thinking of other people.” they just said that.

just threatened to press Esc on computer, I said stop this is my property, then they pointed at me and said “this is my property”

now is saying “are you on a dating site, if you are I’m gonna have to block you” when I am on facebook.

that along with a lot of other cruel stuff :D

Yeah I am EXTREMELY happy.

I wonder if anyone realizes how much I truly love this series e_e
I don’t care if most people hate it, think it is a poop game, is just to make fun of, etc.

It is the main thing that got me into wanting to draw because I never found fanart of it, so I wanted to make my own. c:

So…when I see two of my favorite things combined it kinda spawned a huge amount of inspiration to do this *v*

I want to try to draw all the campaign title card mabobs, I’ll probably put the most work into SherryxJake though cause that is my favorite campaign.

this is all too fun to do, so much energy I want to put into things XD

Should I finish all of these, or like…just one haha?

yay eve;

Inspiration finally? maybe.

Resident Evil =v=……
yes, and yes…
Even if most people hate the series I will always be a fan. If I could I’d have the Ashford lugers and like..wall scrolls, figures, cosplay, the only thing I have though is some umbrella mint tins, my drawings, monster dude from re4, a licker somewhere….a Cerberus and like…I did have some shirts but, they are gone forever :(

;-; anyways, gonna try drawing thumbnail thingies, gonna try for all four campaigns 8D just to see if I can out of having no life.

sketched out all but Ada and then gonna see what I do from there.

not sure if I should stream it or not, computer is being a poop head for one.

These are some contest entries I’ve been working on for a few months for a local anime shop ;v; if I win I get my art on their t-shirts and stuff (there will be two winners, one for color, the other for B&W)

took forever but was fun to do.

Why can’t I have a consistent art style, I always have to be like….”maybe I wanna draw cute today, no maybe a bit realistic, moe, kinda plain, very detailed, colorful, this shading, that shading.

I get bored drawing the same way all the time ;-; but I think that might be bad. Can people tell it is me when they see my pictures posted? or just think “oh who is this”

I think I’m overthinking. Honestly I’m probably only thinking this because a few things I am working on look nothing alike.

I’m not sure if I ever posted this video before but, this is a friend of mine and he does EXTREMELY well at this.

o3o/ please take the time to watch, you won’t be disappointing 8D

What they say is VERY very true, I never really seen this put so well in words…

I’m always too…scared? to say this to people but I really do think people should know these things.